Goa a tropical paradise, the PEARL OF THE ORIENT. Located on the west coast of India, with its magnificant scenic beauty.. Having been ruled by the Portuguese for more then 500yrs, one can still experience the distinct Portuguese flavour in all aspects of goan life including its food, religion, language culture.

Goa a land of Churches,temples , beaches and historic monuments to add to its ambience and glory.Having been the meeting point of races, religions and cultures of east and west over the centuries, Goa has a multi-hued and distinct life style giving it an edge over rest of India.

Goa has a long unbroken tradition of religious harmony .All festivals of various religions like Ganesh chaturti, Diwali,Christmas, Id , Easter are celebrated with great zest and equal enthusiam by all Goans.

Panaji the Capital Town of Goa, located on the banks of River Mandovi. Ponda ,Margao, Mapusa Vasco are the other major towns of Goa.

Goan cuisine is a rich blend of different influences. The staple food of Goa is fish, curry, Rice.

the catholic food in Goa is greatly influenced by the Portuguese Culture.