The 3 basic necessities in a goan’s life are fish , curry and rice. The famous blends of rich Indo-Portuguese culture like Ambot-tik (sour and spicy fish curry), Seafood is usually a necessity on the menu ,except for the rare occasion for some religious adherence. The blend of various flavours of the hindu – muslim kingdom and the Portuguese rule have influenced the goan style of cooking. What we se today is an exotic mixture of truly flavorsome and spicy cuisine .

The Goan dishes range from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef and numerous vegetarian dishes. Goan cuisine can satisfy even the most fussy gourmet appetites. Some of the magnificent culinary delicacies of Goa are like the prawn balchão and sorpotel that have become popular all over the world. Goan food is simple and most of the dishes are chili hot, spicy and pungent. It is interesting to note that items made from fish, rice and coconut abounds in almost all Goan meals.